Frequently Asked Questions

    A must read before you start

    Before commencing any new fitness, health or nutrition program, please consult with your doctor to discuss your individual needs. I’m here to provide general advice within my scope of practice, but you should seek professional help if it is needed.

    If you’re diabetic, have an injury or medical condition, pregnant/postpartum or a physical disability, please consult your doctor or professional healthcare provider before starting.

    Always consult your healthcare professional before beginning any new exercise program, as there are some situations where exercise may not be advised. This information should be used as a guide only and should not replace the advice of your medical practitioner.

    How do I gain access to Live Classes?

    Become a member of LIVE+.
    Once you have received your login details via email (check your spam) please go to the MEMBERS AREA button on the website, you will be able to LOGIN and gain access to your personal Members Area (button at top of the page).
    You will then need to add your email address/username and password which you have been given.
    You should now be in the Recorded Classes area.
    At the bottom of the page is the LIVE class schedule and you will be able to select a link to download Zoom, which is how the Live classes are streamed.
    You will need to add the appropriate meeting ID and passcode for the class you want to join Live. All ID’s and passcodes are in this area.    

    Then follow these instructions :

    1. Sign in at least 5 mins before the start, you will be directed to a holding page until the class is ready to start.
    2. You can have your video on so I can see your form etc. but if you prefer you can turn it off.
    3. You can have your microphone on, however i will mute everyone once the class starts.
    4. You will also need to choose ‘PIN SCREEN’ so that you see me instructing you (either double-tap my video on an iPhone or iPad, or there should be an option at the top right-hand corner of video on a laptop to pin screen).  This is very important.

    I wasn’t emailed a login code when I joined, how do I sign in?

    You will have been emailed a login code for the Members Area.
    If it isn’t in your inbox, please check your spam.

    I’ve forgotten my passcode?

    You can request a new passcode or personalise your passcode in the membership area.
    Forgotten: https://www.motherfit.co.uk/login/?loggedout=true&wp_lang=en_GB
    Personalise: https://www.motherfit.co.uk/my-account/

    When are the live workouts?

    Please look at the Live Schedule page: https://www.motherfit.co.uk/live-schedule/

    What time do I need to be online for a LIVE class?

    Ideally 5 minutes before, but you can do this earlier if its more convenient.
    You’ll be placed in a waiting room until the class goes live.

    Do people see me in LIVE classes?

    It’s up to you. You can have your camera on or off.
    Its nice to say hi and I love seeing you all.
    All members are advised to pin my screen (as should you) so that I am the main video.
    No one can record the live classes.

    I can’t do the LIVE workout times. Is it worth me joining?

    100% YES! All real time workouts are recorded separately, which can be watched at a time that suits you.
    Just login to your membership area and go to RECORED CLASSES.
    Each class is added to the appropriate workout folder.
    You will find the most recent classes are at the top.

    How do I gain access to Recorded Workouts?

    Login to the Members Area and go to Recorded workouts folder.
    You can only access these if you are a MOTHER FIT LIVE+ MEMBER

    Can I do the workouts at home and in the gym?

    Yes. I can be taken anywhere with you, PT in your pocket.

    How long are workouts?

    Pre & Post Natal – 20-30 minutes
    Express – 20 minutes
    All other classes are between 45-60 minutes
    Remember you can STOP, PAUSE, REPEAT

    How do I just see Michelle (MOTHER FIT) when I go Live?

    Pin my screen
    (either double-tap my video on an iphone or ipad, or there should be an option at the top right-hand corner of video on a laptop to pin screen).

    What are the workouts like?

    Find out more from me here “Home workout categories”:

    What equipment will I need?

    My workouts can be completed with little or no equipment. I advise as a basic start, you would benefit from an exercise mat and a set of dumbbells suited to your weight preference.

    The weights must be heavy enough to challenge you, but light enough to allow you to perform the exercise with the correct form for the duration of the workout.

    Most of our members use a 2kg set of dumbbells to begin with.
    You are able to start without any equipment at all, simply substitute dumbbells and workouts involving weights with household items such as bottles of water or tins of food.

    Once you get a feel for the website and the type of workouts you might enjoy doing, then invest in other equipment.

    The ideal starter kit would be:

    Exercise mat
    1.5kg dumbbells (pair) https://www.physicalcompany.co.uk/neo-hex-dumbbells-pair
    2.5kg dumbbells (pair) https://www.physicalcompany.co.uk/neo-hex-dumbbells-pair
    Loop resistance bands (light/medium/heavy) https://www.physicalcompany.co.uk/supaflex-x-band-loop-pack-4-pack

    If you are an intermediate/advance exerciser and are used to my classes you may want to invest in heavier weights.
    You can try dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags or even a barbell.
    Do what’s right for you. Just remember that your form must be on point before you progress your weights.


    How do I join the Mother Fit private facebook community?

    Where do I find nutritional advice?

    My nutritional advice can be found in the membership area within the Nutrition section.

    Please note that I am a qualified Nutritional Advisor for Weight Management and the advice I am giving you is general and how I live my life.

    I wrote a book called “What would mother fit eat?”.
    You will find an online version of this within the nutrition section.
    Hard copies are £15.00.

    You will also find meal plans and the recipes I have been inspired by and love to make.

    I don’t believe in fad diets, just clean, quick and balanced meals and educating yourself on how much you need to eat for your energy demands.

    What is Mother Fit reset?

    Go from a month to a way of life.
    No fads here!
    Just follow my clean eating & exercise guide and change your life for the better.
    Read my Reset Plan located in the Reset Folder.

    Can I do the workouts if I am pregnant?

    Yes. Please do the pre & postnatal classes.
    They are LIVE and ON DEMAND (see LIVE SCHEDULE).
    The workouts are organised into trimesters.

    I've just had a baby, can I join the workouts?

    I’m a Mother too, and although I wanted to get straight back into exercise I knew I had to be sensible.  Remember your body is heeling inside as well as outside.
    Also you will be sleep deprived and may also be breastfeeding.
    Take your time returning to exercise please start with walking.

    Once you’ve had your 6-8 week post-partum check-up to ensure you are safe to begin exercise, please follow my postnatal 9 week plan and then when the time is right progress to Express workouts and then the more intense classes.

    If you have had a c-section I would suggest you take a longer period to recover before beginning exercise. Always seek medical advice.

    Can I cancel my membership?

    Yes, cancel at anytime via your membership dashboard.

    What device do I need to use to watch LIVE and RECORDED WORKOUTS?

    Iphone, iPad, laptop – all the usual devices.
    Recorded workouts are best viewed landscape
    Are the workouts for just Mothers or women?

    To watch your At Home workouts on the big screen, connect your device to your smart TV using AirPlay
    purchase an HDMI Adapter for Phone, Phone to TV HDMI Cable, 1080P Digital AV Adapter, Sync Screen HDMI Connector Audio HDTV Cable Adaptor for Phone XR, X, 8, 7, 6, Pad Air, Mini, Pro, Pod Touch,1.8M, such as the one from Amazon : https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B087LVQFVS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_BTJKG1B745AMWTJWMC3C?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

    Will I see results?

    It is common for people to want to see results straight away.
    Unfortunately there is no quick fix.
    If you want to become healthy and lose body fat, this takes time and dedication.
    It’s a lifestyle change not just a few weeks of exercise.
    Maintaining consistency in your workouts, trying to progress by adding another rep or increasing the weights you are using, consuming a healthy, balanced diet and keeping focussed on what you’ve gained throughout the process, should ultimately bring the best results regardless of your situation.

    Monitoring how you are feeling after each week is a great way to see how your exercise routine is bettering everything from your energy levels, to your sleep and mood!

    Laura Lowman
    Laura Lowman
    I joined Motherfit when we were first locked down and I’m hooked and think the fittest I’ve ever been. I love being able to workout at home and to start and pause whenever I need to. I don’t think I’ll ever regularly travel to a fitness class again as find these really motivating and I manage to fit a lot more exercise in. The biggest benefit for me is that each week there are workouts to cover all body areas. I work my way through in the order they’re recorded and know I’m working muscles I would have missed at the gym or in fitness classes before, I’ve really noticed this difference this has made. I’d really recommend these classes!
    Lucy Wells
    Lucy Wells
    Michelle's Motherfit offering is absolutely superb. I have worked with LOTS of trainers and she is by far the best. The workout structure (6 days a week, ensuring all the key areas are targeted - cardio, strength, major muscle groups etc) is well considered and despite the frequency the workouts are always varied and distinct and the archive of on demand workouts is huge - meaning whenever I want to train and no matter how short on time I am I can find something suitable. I love how inclusive Michelle's workouts are - she will always advise how to modify or regress the moves and workout to make them appropriate for all fitness levels and does this upfront - not as an afterthought. On top of this, the value for money of a monthly membership is fantastic. Far cheaper than the gym, far more motivating and effective and far more flexible. You will not find better.
    Jodie Jackson
    Jodie Jackson
    Michelle is great at encouraging you to get the most out of your workout There are a variety of classes for everyone at anytime whether it be on demand or live Michelle is very good at giving options around injury and ability
    Michelle Pyle
    Michelle Pyle
    Really enjoy using Mother Fit. Easily fits in with my schedule as I use the pre recorded workouts Easy to follow for all abilities The music is also banging 🙌
    Amy H
    Amy H
    Motherfit is great! I love the flexibility of the live and on demand classes as well as the nutritional advice. Michelle is very motivating and passionate about what she does.