Welcome to Mother Fit Live

Come and workout with us in the comfort of your own home.

You are not training alone, you have the MOTHER FIT community behind you. 

All our exercise classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, however unfit you think you are. 

Our classes are suitable for pre & post natal clients (with adaptions) and our community is for WOMEN only.  

Not all classes require equipment, but some do.  If you do not have any equipment please improvise with objects around the home. 


Members who have subscribed to Live+ Membership can acess the members area here. Simply use the password supplied on your subscription confirmation. If you are an active member and do not have your subscription confirmation contact me and I will send you the current access.


How do I gain access to Live Classes?

Log into the Members Area for the Live Class passcode for the Month.  The passcode can then be used for the Live Zoom Class. 

Where are the login codes?

You will be emailed a login code for the Members Area each month, once you have paid your monthly subscription.

What times are the Live workouts?

Monday 19.30

Tuesday 09.30

Wednesday 19.30

Thursday 09.30

Saturday 09.00

What time do I need to be online pre class?

Ideally 5 minutes before.

How long are workouts?

Between 45-60 minutes.

How do I just see MOTHER FIT?

Pin my screen.

What equipment will I need?

Not all classes require equipment, but most do.  If you do not have any equipment please improvise.  Find heavy objects around the home such as tins, water bottles, saucepans, Henry the hoover! As an alternative to resistance bands you can use tights. 

If you do want to purchase equipment, we would suggest any or all of the following:

  • Loop resistance band (heavy, medium and light strength)
  • 2kg pair of Dumbells
  • 5kg pair of Dumbbells
  • 8kg Kettlebell

If you are more advanced then do a few classes to workout how heavy you need to go.

Can I do the workouts if I am pregnant?

I’m a Mother too, I’ve been there done that.  The struggle is real when you are carrying baby, the tiredness, the sickness and of course the heart burn. Also the worry you are not keeping active enough, putting on too much weight etc.  Every woman has a different experience, please keep this in mind and do what’s right for you.Although our workouts are not specifically designed for pregnancy, MOTHER FIT is qualified to teach Pre & Post Natal Exercise Design.  Adaptions are offered during workouts.

Keeping active while pregnant is so important! Therefore, if you were active before becoming pregnant and do want to complete any of our workouts during this time, we recommend doing so under direct supervision of your health care professional and making modifications where necessary.  Staying in constant contact with your healthcare professional and ensuring you follow their recommendations during pregnancy will ensure your workouts are done safely.

If you were not previously very active prior to your pregnancy, we suggest keeping active with light activities, such as walking, swimming and pregnancy yoga. 

I've just had a baby, can I join the workouts?

I’m a Mother too, and although I wanted to get straight back into exercise I knew I had to be sensible.  Your body is heeling inside as well as outside.  Also you will be sleep deprived and may also be breastfeeding.  Take your time returning to exercise, starting with walking, swimming and yoga.

We would still suggest getting clearance from your doctor after giving birth (usually at your 6-8 week post-partum check-up), to ensure you are safe to begin.  I would suggest longer if you’ve  had a c-section!

Although our workouts are not specifically designed for post natal, MOTHER FIT is qualified to teach Pre & Post Natal Exercise Design. Adaptions are offered during workouts.

I have an injury, can I still take part?

The workouts are not customised to accommodate injuries or health concerns that could be aggravated by low, moderate or high-intensity physical exercise. Your health and wellbeing is our highest priority and we would hate for you to feel any further discomfort or potentially prolong your recovery.

For this reason, if you have a pre-existing injury, we recommend that you seek clearance from a healthcare professional prior to beginning any new exercise program.

If you have been cleared by your doctor or allied healthcare professional to resume exercise during your recovery, please start at the level they are suggested.  

Coming back to your regular training after recovering from an injury can be a lengthy and difficult process, so it is important that you listen to your body and slowly ease into a routine that is in line with your current stage of rehabilitation. Maintaining correct posture and technique at all times can also help to reduce the risk of further injury.

If you feel any discomfort or pain, particularly when completing exercises you would normally do comfortably, stop your training immediately and seek further advice from your healthcare professional.

As frustrating as injuries can be, being aware of your limitations and focusing on rehabilitation can sometimes be exactly what your body needs to get back to training at your best. Remember, Rest days are just as important as your active days, so don’t feel guilty about taking them. 

How do I gain access to Recorded Workouts?

Login to the Members Area, you will find the Recorded workouts for the last 5 days.  You can only access these if you are a MOTHER FIT LIVE+ MEMBER


Can I upgrade to MOTHER LIVE+?

Yes.  You will need to cancel your direct debit so that it does not come out on the 1st of the month.  Then on the 1st of the month you will need to register for the Premium Membership.

I just want to do one class, how do I gain access?
Can I cancel my membership?

Just cancel your direct debit at any time.

What device do I need to use to watch LIVE and RECORDED WORKOUTS?

Iphone, iPad, laptop – all the usual devices.

Recorded workouts are best viewed landscape.

Are the workouts for just Mothers or women?


Will I see results?

It is common for people to want to see results straight away.  Unfortunately there is no quick fix.

If you want to become healthy and lose body fat, this takes time and dedication.  It’s a lifestyle change not just a few weeks of exercise.

Maintaining consistency in your workouts, trying to progress by adding another rep or increasing the weights you are using, consuming a healthy, balanced diet and keeping focussed on what you’ve gained throughout the process, should ultimately bring the best results regardless of your situation. 

Monitoring how you are feeling after each week is a great way to see how your exercise routine is bettering everything from your energy levels, to your sleep and mood!