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Welcome to the Mother Fit Postnatal Program

    The Mother Fit Postnatal Program is designed to help you recover after childbirth in Mind, Body & Soul. We’ll be focusing on your overall well-being, which is of the utmost importance to us.

    • Stage 1  –  Rebuild your Core
    • Stage 2  –  Recover – Weeks 1-3
    • Stage 3  –  Restore – Weeks 4-6
    • Stage 4  –  Progress – Weeks 7-9

    I’ll be teaching you how to ‘Rebuild your Core by taking you through progressive home workouts, plus nutritional advice and you’ll have access to hundreds of wonderful recipes to nourish you through your recovery.

    Expert Advice

    Before commencing any new fitness, health, or nutrition program, please consult with your doctor to discuss your individual needs. I’m here to provide general advice within my scope of practice, but you should seek professional help if it is needed.

    If you’re diabetic, have an injury or medical condition, pregnant/postpartum, or a physical disability, please consult your doctor or professional healthcare provider before starting.

    Always consult your healthcare professional before beginning any new exercise program, as there are some situations where exercise may not be advised.

    This information should be used as a guide only and should not replace the advice of your medical practitioner.