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    What does Live+ with Michelle include

      • Join me Live 8 times a week or On Demand at a time that suits you.
      • My unique and exclusive home workouts on LIVE+ are adapted for all fitness levels
      • Pre & Postnatal series & Expert advice
      • Every workout is different, fun and carefully designed for women
      • You’ll have access to nutrition tutorials, trackers, meal plans, plus you can purchase my book as published on Amazon, ‘What Would Mother Fit Eat?’ to educated yourself on macronutrients and much more.
      • You’ll also be able to access ‘Mother Fit Reset’, which is a 30 day Reset Challenge.
      • Private members only Facebook community to support you all the way

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      Frequently Asked Questions

        How do I gain access to Live Classes?

        Its so easy, you simply sign up to LIVE+ and you will be able to access codes for Zoom, which is how the Live classes are streamed.

        Do people see me in LIVE classes?

        It’s up to you. You can have your camera on or off. Its nice to say hi and I love seeing you all.

        How do I gain access to recorded workouts?

        Via the Members Area.

        How to I get access to the expert advice?

        Via the members area

        Can I do the workouts at home and in the gym?

        Yes. I can be taken anywhere with you, PT in your pocket.

        What the mother’s are saying

        Laura Lowman
        Laura Lowman
        I joined Motherfit when we were first locked down and I’m hooked and think the fittest I’ve ever been. I love being able to workout at home and to start and pause whenever I need to. I don’t think I’ll ever regularly travel to a fitness class again as find these really motivating and I manage to fit a lot more exercise in. The biggest benefit for me is that each week there are workouts to cover all body areas. I work my way through in the order they’re recorded and know I’m working muscles I would have missed at the gym or in fitness classes before, I’ve really noticed this difference this has made. I’d really recommend these classes!
        Lucy Wells
        Lucy Wells
        Michelle's Motherfit offering is absolutely superb. I have worked with LOTS of trainers and she is by far the best. The workout structure (6 days a week, ensuring all the key areas are targeted - cardio, strength, major muscle groups etc) is well considered and despite the frequency the workouts are always varied and distinct and the archive of on demand workouts is huge - meaning whenever I want to train and no matter how short on time I am I can find something suitable. I love how inclusive Michelle's workouts are - she will always advise how to modify or regress the moves and workout to make them appropriate for all fitness levels and does this upfront - not as an afterthought. On top of this, the value for money of a monthly membership is fantastic. Far cheaper than the gym, far more motivating and effective and far more flexible. You will not find better.
        Jodie Jackson
        Jodie Jackson
        Michelle is great at encouraging you to get the most out of your workout There are a variety of classes for everyone at anytime whether it be on demand or live Michelle is very good at giving options around injury and ability
        Michelle Pyle
        Michelle Pyle
        Really enjoy using Mother Fit. Easily fits in with my schedule as I use the pre recorded workouts Easy to follow for all abilities The music is also banging 🙌
        Amy H
        Amy H
        Motherfit is great! I love the flexibility of the live and on demand classes as well as the nutritional advice. Michelle is very motivating and passionate about what she does.