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Home Exercise Programmes for Women

Mother Fit provides pregnancy exercise & postpartum exercise programmes, expert advice, resources, live classes and nutrition, challenging maternal myths.

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All-encompassing home exercise programmes for all stages of motherhood

Covering all areas of women’s health

Looking after your mind, body and soul, we place an emphasis on all-around well-being, with the end result being a happier, healthier and more active you.


Expertise and advice to support you as a woman. Get a clear focus on our priorities, goals and confidence.


Changing maternal myths discovering a safe exercise programme, taking simple steps towards a healthier life.


Nourish your soul with our private community, here to support your healthy habits.

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With a team of experts behind you

Making life just a little bit easier.

  • Fitness & Nutrition Expert


    Fitness & Nutrition

  • Lactation Consultant Expert

    Lactation Consultant

  • Midwife Expert


  • Pelvic Health Expert

    Pelvic Health

  • Doula Expert


  • C-Section Scar Therapist Expert

    C-Section Scar Therapist

  • Hypnobirthing Expert


  • Yoga Instructor Expert

    Yoga Instructor

  • Pilates Instructor Expert

    Pilates Instructor

Everything you need, and more

Join a motherhood community

Here to support, uplift and guide you through your new motherhood journey, Mother Fit connects you with like-minded women to help with your health and happiness.

…and here’s what they say.


MotherFit is a great way to stay active whilst pregnant, the classes are easy to follow and specific to where you are in your pregnancy. They're accessible at any time so you're able to do them at a time and pace that suits you.


Mother Fit is exactly what I was looking for and Michelle is clearly passionate about guiding you through your recovery in a clear and concise way. It's only since learning from Michelle's classes, can I say with confidence, I now know how to do pelvic floor exercises effectively and how to incorporate them into usual workout routines.

Thank you Michelle 😊


Helped me progress my fitness and strength after birth and beyond.

Motherfit has great fitness and educational content. I followed the postnatal programme, it was just the right pace to build up my fitness without overdoing it after birth. Michelle strikes a great balance between motivating you and making sure you are listening to your body. I am now enjoying the 8 week strength programme.

Helping you every step of the way

Discover recipes, advice and life hacks, from the best way to get rid of bingo wings to healthier lunch recipes for kids. The Mother Fit blog – helping make life that bit easier.

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