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Unique and exclusive LIVE+ workouts every week or catch up On Demand at a time that suits you. Whatever level of fitness you are at, there is something for you.

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  • Exclusive 8x LIVE+ new and unique workouts designed by Michelle every week
  • Express 20 minute workouts if you are time poor
  • Pre & postnatal workouts with expert advice
  • Nutrition advice, meal plans and recipes
  • 30-day ‘Mother Fit Reset’ programme
  • Private members online community
Welcome to Mother Fit
Pre and Post Natal

Pre and postnatal wellbeing

Are you pregnant? Have you just had a baby? Do you know someone who has just had a baby?

    My online pre & postnatal programmes will help ensure you exercise safely throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born. Fitness can help you recover and restore both physically and mentally.

    You can either join me live or catch up On Demand, both of which can be done in the comfort of your own home, with minimal equipment needed.

    You will also get access to advice and guidance from leading professionals including nutrition, lactation, sleep, women’s health, meditation and midwifery.

    What would Mother Fit eat?

      I can teach you what you need to fuel your body so you feel happy, confident and strong. Nutrition is a vital part of living a healthier lifestyle alongside exercising. I will give you a step-by-step guide which will teach you what to eat and why. You will also have access to my published book, meal plans and recipes.

      I am beyond happy with the results I’ve had. Michelle’s nutritional advice has changed the way I see food and now I enjoy exercising.

      It far surpassed what I thought I could achieve and Michelle is a great motivator!

      The change I see in my body and mind-set has given me such a boost.

      Michelle the mother behind Mother Fit

        I am mum to two girls, aged 6yrs and 7yrs. I suffered from postnatal depression after having my second baby, but overcame this with exercise. I still suffer with anxiety as a result but exercising really helps to keep this in check. This is why I started Mother Fit as I believe it’s so important to keep moving whatever stage of pregnancy or motherhood you are at.

        My goal is to provide women with a supportive community to learn about fitness, nutrition and well-being. I want you to feel confident, strong and healthy.

        Catherine Erdal
        Catherine Erdal
        I joined Motherfit when the gyms were closed in both lockdowns. I love the variety of classes whether you want to do live or in your own time while all in the comfort of your own home. A great variety to chose from and all so challenging. 5* all the way and I haven't looked back since joining. Keep up the good work and inspiration Michelle
        cpc H Stafford
        cpc H Stafford
        I highly recommend Motherfit, there is something for everyone whatever level of fitness and whether you want to totally commit to the reset programme or just dip in and out depending on the time you have. All in the comfort of your own space! I am a runner and I've benefited hugely from Michelle's strength sessions, making me stronger and faster. Give it a try!
        Laura Lowman
        Laura Lowman
        I joined Motherfit when we were first locked down and I’m hooked and think the fittest I’ve ever been. I love being able to workout at home and to start and pause whenever I need to. I don’t think I’ll ever regularly travel to a fitness class again as find these really motivating and I manage to fit a lot more exercise in. The biggest benefit for me is that each week there are workouts to cover all body areas. I work my way through in the order they’re recorded and know I’m working muscles I would have missed at the gym or in fitness classes before, I’ve really noticed this difference this has made. I’d really recommend these classes!
        Lucy Wells
        Lucy Wells
        Michelle's Motherfit offering is absolutely superb. I have worked with LOTS of trainers and she is by far the best. The workout structure (6 days a week, ensuring all the key areas are targeted - cardio, strength, major muscle groups etc) is well considered and despite the frequency the workouts are always varied and distinct and the archive of on demand workouts is huge - meaning whenever I want to train and no matter how short on time I am I can find something suitable. I love how inclusive Michelle's workouts are - she will always advise how to modify or regress the moves and workout to make them appropriate for all fitness levels and does this upfront - not as an afterthought. On top of this, the value for money of a monthly membership is fantastic. Far cheaper than the gym, far more motivating and effective and far more flexible. You will not find better.
        Jodie Jackson
        Jodie Jackson
        Michelle is great at encouraging you to get the most out of your workout There are a variety of classes for everyone at anytime whether it be on demand or live Michelle is very good at giving options around injury and ability