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Establish a healthier balance and reach your goals through our Beyond program, leading to a more active and healthier you.

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Covering all areas of motherhood

Designed for women who are past the stages of pregnancy and postpartum, the Beyond program is an overall journey for an active and healthy lifestyle.


Mother Fit is here to care for your mental wellbeing while guarding you through your journey as a mother.


Live workouts and streams, pre-recorded classes and programs, goal setting, yoga, workouts and more.


Improve your mood, sleep and energy levels for an all-around better quality of life, becoming healthier and happier.

Make health and wellness part of your daily life

With a personalised dashboard bespoke to you, you’ll be able to access everything you need to stay on top of your fitness, nutrition and health.

Features include personalised calorie intake, goal setting, rewards, weight loss tracker, journaling, buddy up and much more.

Become healthier and happier

You’ll also have access to our Mother Fit community where mums at every stage of their parenting journey come together to motivate and champion each other.

Create new friends, workout buddies and discover like-minded women to keep you accountable and on track.

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A personalised approach

Experience a dashboard specific to your goals with week by week workouts.

Journal appointments and progress pictures and you progress through your fitness journey.

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Empowering classes and workouts

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    Upper body

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    Lower body

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  • Full body workout

    Full body workout

  • Breathwork


  • Yoga


  • Core


  • Arms and abs

    Arms and abs

Everything you need, and more

Join a motherhood community

Here to support, uplift and guide you through your new motherhood journey, Mother Fit connects you with like-minded women to help with your health and happiness.

…and here’s what they say.

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Joanna Hughes

Give it a go! I guarantee in 4 weeks you’ll feel fitter, stronger and more energetic.

Michelle Liddiard

Highly recommend Mother Fit! I have lost weight and love feeling fitter and stronger. Amazing value for money!

Anna Rooke

Mother Fit classes are amazing – encouraging, motivating, ideal for any level. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Helping you every step of the way

Discover recipes, advice and life hacks, from the best way to get rid of bingo wings to healthier lunch recipes for kids. The Mother Fit blog – helping make life that bit easier.


How to Get Rid of Bingo Wings

My best exercises and methods on how to get rid of bingo wings at home. Burn fat and tone your arms while building muscle.

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