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Exercise safely during pregnancy

40-week exercise programme, antenatal care & feotal development to support your pregnancy.

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All-encompassing prenatal exercise programme adapted for each trimester

Be guided through weekly workouts which include cardio, resistance training, antenatal yoga, antenatal pilates, mobility & core, Kegels, deep breathing and myofascial release. We even have a selection of pregnancy exercises suitable for those suffering from SPD.


Antenatal care, expertise, advice, mediation & breathwork to support your pregnancy.


Exercise classes to keep you fit during pregnancy. Helping you cope with labour and childbirth.


Nourish your soul by connecting with other mums-to-be within our community and make new friends.

Home Prenatal Exercise Programme

We know that staying active is important during pregnancy, but many are confused about how to do this safely

This programme has been designed by founder Michelle Baynham, who is a mum of 2 children, a personal trainer of 10 years and only 1 of 88 qualified pregnancy and postnatal corrective exercise specialists in the UK.

All your antenatal needs

Look no further than our antenatal care all included in your subscription.

Led by experts in their field providing everything you need to know about pregnancy, pain relief, labour, breastfeeding and those early days when the baby arrives.

Follow our hypnobirthing programme. The right education will help you achieve the right birth on the day.

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A personalised approach

When signing up you’ll create a unique profile which will ensure you gain access to everything relevant to your specific stage of pregnancy.

Record important midwife appointments and journal your baby scans.

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Pregnancy-focused classes & workouts

  • Upper body

    Upper body

  • Lower body

    Lower body

  • HIIT


  • Full body workout

    Full body workout

  • Breathwork


  • Yoga


  • Core


  • Arms and abs

    Arms and abs

Everything you need, and more

Join a motherhood community

Here to support, uplift and guide you through your new motherhood journey, Mother Fit connects you with like-minded women to help with your health and happiness.

…and here’s what they say.


Mother Fit provides excellent support and communication, valuable resources, safe at-home workouts tailored for every stage of pregnancy, postpartum and beyond, and great value for money.


Mother Fit is perfect for pre and postnatal women, with a variety of exercises, meal plans, and extra support like experts, due date WhatsApp groups and more. Michelle from Mother Fit is incredibly supportive. I've been using Mother Fit exercises and support during pregnancy and now working through the postnatal program, which builds up mobility, core strength, and fitness gradually. Thanks to Mother Fit, I feel much stronger and fitter this pregnancy compared to my last.


Mother Fit's pregnancy-specific workouts, customised by trimester, are fantastic. Guided sessions with Michelle and her team of Pilates and yoga instructors have been excellent. Even as a yoga teacher, I enjoy their flow. The short workout lengths have been perfect for my second pregnancy. I just wish I had known about this program sooner!

Helping you every step of the way

Discover recipes, advice and life hacks, from the best way to get rid of bingo wings to healthier lunch recipes for kids. The Mother Fit blog – helping make life that bit easier.

Did you know?

Being active during pregnancy…

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Improves cardiovascular fitness

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Reduces risk of high blood pressure

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Speach icon

Helps prevent gestational diabetes

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Helps you sleep better

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Is great for mental health

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Is activity safe for me?

Being active during pregnancy has many physical and mental health benefits and is generally safe for most women. But knowing whether it is safe for YOU personally, still leaves many women confused and even scared.

The Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy (GAQ-P) has been designed to identify the small number of women who need to consult with a healthcare professional before they begin or continue to be physically active, and to help the majority of healthy pregnant women overcome any concerns they might have about getting or staying active.

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No pregnancy is the same, but there’s an activity for everyone

No pregnancy is the same, but there’s an activity for everyone

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