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4th Trimester

Help to navigate your own journey through the 4th trimester

Mama Jojo

24 Jan 2024
If you missed my recent live talk on the '4th Trimester' Doula experience, I'm excited to let you know that you now have the opportunity to catch up on all the insightful discussions and valuable information!

Throughout the talk I share my experiences as a 4th Trimester Doula, delving into stories and insights about the unique challenges and joys associated with supporting individuals and families during the postpartum period. We explore various aspects of the doula role, discussing practical approaches to postpartum care, and reflect on the transformative nature of this period for both clients and doulas alike.

This conversation was carefully crafted to provide you with valuable information to navigate your own journey through the 4th trimester. Whether you are an expectant parent, a supportive family member, or a fellow doula, the talk covers a diverse range of topics that are both informative and relatable.