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Baby Wearing Workouts


Michelle Baynham

24 Jan 2024
Our LIVE Baby-Wearing Workouts will run every Tuesday at 10am UK time.

Don't worry if you don't have your baby with you; these workouts are adaptable for solo participation too. All you need are a pair of light dumbbells and a chair to get started.

These specific live sessions will soon be recorded and added to your dashboard for future access. However, the unparalleled experience of real-time interaction is unbeatable! We engage in pre-session chats, allowing me to customise the session just for YOU. 🗣️💪

What to Expect:

  1. Safe and Effective Workouts: Michelle, the founder will lead you through exercises that are safe and beneficial after childbirth.
  2. Community Support: Connect with other new mothers and move together.
  3. Expert Guidance: Get answers to your fitness and wellness questions before/after the session.

Disclaimer: Please only join if you've had medical sign-off to recommence exercise and it would be a good idea to have worked through the Mother Fit Basic and Rebuild your Core programmes too, but not 100% essential for everyone.

How to join?

Please note that you will need a FREE Zoom account to access the meeting.