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How to Get Rid of Bingo Wings

My best exercises and methods on how to get rid of bingo wings at home. Burn fat and tone your arms while building muscle.

Michelle Baynham

27 May 2021
Us ladies are prone to developing bingo wings due to how our fat is distributed throughout the body. The lower belly, thighs and arms being the three main areas for this. The combination of a high body fat and low muscle mass, especially within the upper body, leads to the development of loose skin and fat within the area.
A structured workout plan of upper body exercises with weights or bodyweight is a surefire way to torch the fat on the upper arms. Don’t worry about becoming ‘bulky’ it’s an absolute myth! The more muscle you develop in your arms, the more tone and firmness you will see.

In combination with this, a healthy diet is also needed to help reduce overall body fat if you want to truly understand how to get rid of bingo wings at home. You could be doing the most intense arm workout x4 a week, but if you’re still consuming too many calories regularly, then just the workout itself won’t cut it.

What muscles do you need to target?
You want to put as much emphasis as possible on your upper arms. Try to involve the following muscles in your upper body workouts to help burn fat and grow muscle in the arms:

How to get rid of Bingo Wings at Home: The Best Exercises
Tricep Dips
This can be done weighted or with just your body weight, depends how challenging you find the exercise. It’s important to keep form strict and intense. Take your final set to failure and when you feel this becomes too easy, try placing some additional weight in your lap before you begin. You can also elevate your feet on a chair to increase the burn and add intensity. The movement completely targets the main area where fat within the upper arms is held and should be part of any arm-day routine.

Bicep Curls
Grab some dumbbells to perform a bicep curl and try to really focus on contracting the muscle. A strong mind-muscle connection is essential in all forms of weight training exercises. I love bicep curls and is one of the best exercises for bingo wings being a thing of the past!

Tricep Extensions
With both your hands, grab one dumbbell and raise your arms so they are above your head. While holding the dumbbell, slowly begin to bring the weight behind your head, down toward your neck. Return to the starting position for a fully completed rep.

Shoulder Press
An excellent exercise at targeting the shoulders and building strength within the upper body is the shoulder press. Try to slowly increase reps or the weight over time to keep workout intensity high. Remember, if your workout is easy and you’re not pushing yourself, your body has no reason to think, “wow this is hard! I better start building some more muscle to help lift this weight”

Close grip push-ups
An excellent way to tone your arms is performing 3 to 4 sets of close grip push-ups for 12-15 reps. By doing them with a close grip, more emphasis is placed on the triceps, which is the main area for bingo arms.

For an intense workout, try my 20 Min ARMS & ABS Workout - CLICK HERE

Try to incorporate all the above exercises as part of an upper-body workout or a dedicated arm day. I would advise doing these exercises twice a week to get the most benefit when training from home, Over time, you’ll slowly become stronger, and your arms will become more defined.
Love Michelle x 💛