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How to Fall in Love With Exercise

My guide to help you fall in love with exercise and enjoy the journey of health and fitness. Exercise should bring joy to your life.

Michelle Baynham

21 Jun 2021

Get hooked on exercise and enjoy the journey

You’ve got an Apple watch/FitBit and bought a gym membership. Your intention is good, but interest is fading…. Sound familiar?
If you don’t have a plan and work towards bettering yourself, you are unlikely to see changes in your body and mindset. It’s that simple. You must learn to enjoy the journey you’re on and experiment with ways on how to fall in love with exercise. I’ve watched women for years in the gym, doing cardio and a few weights here and there, but their body shape never changes. It’s not all about how you look, but you want to see a return for your money and effort right?

Find something you love

Whether it be running, CrossFit or boxing, really try and find an activity or sport you truly enjoy and stick with it. If you outright can’t stand doing 5 sets of lunges 3x a week, then don’t do them. If you decide to join a gym and find you’re not too fond of weight training, then experiment with several different forms of training. Consider activities that bring you genuine joy and relate them to an exercise equivalent. If you love to dance and listen to loud music and the mental release it gives you, then consider trying a Zumba class. Or, if you’re more into flexibility and feeling at peace, then try yoga or mobility classes. But if you’re a lover of physical activity in general, try everything!

Get a training partner

Exercising with a buddy can be a great way to develop a passion for exercise and build a habit. Training with a friend can also help enhance performance and add a competitive edge to your workouts while adding motivation. It can also be really easy at times to skip a workout, this may not be the case when you know you will also be letting down a friend!! 

Make it a habit

Developing a habit can take months, so no matter what you do, never give up! By choosing a regular time to exercise and sticking with it on a daily occurrence is a great way to build a habit. Set small fitness goals within your new training regime to help place you on the right path for success and help you commit to exercising on a regular basis.

I would also advise tracking your workouts. Whether it be the number of reps or the weight you lifted on certain exercises, jot it down and try to beat that number the next time the same exercise comes around. By also making this a habit you’ll physically see the signs of improvement in strength, consequently providing you with positive signs you’re on the right path.

Hit the weights in the A.M.

It may be best to wake up a tad earlier to exercise so you can get it out the way first thing. I know it may sound like the last you want to do. But, as your love for exercise develops, you’ll start to find that training early really doesn’t matter. Plus, the overall positive effect exercise gives you greatly outweighs an extra hour in bed. It’s always the way that if you ever get roped into extra work duties, the gym will always be the thing that takes the fall for it. Wake up > water > coffee > gym time

It’s not always “squat till you drop”

Doing a little exercise is always better than doing absolutely nothing. Something as simple as 10,000 steps a day is instantly better than not reaching the daily average. The same goes for your workouts. By doing just a modest amount of exercise can do wonders for both your physical and mental health. Plus, a modest approach is a great start when discovering how to enjoy exercise.

Kindness is key

Don’t get yourself down about your current physique if your fitness levels aren’t where you want them to be, be patient, the process takes time. Self-compassion and kindness has proven to increase the chances of you succeeding on your new fitness journey and understanding of how to fall in love with exercise. Stay positive, you’re on the right path. Use any mistakes from your past and unhealthy options you may have taken as an opportunity to develop and grow.

Keep it real

As I said, have patience. Expecting instant result is just not going to happen overnight and will only develop frustration. Keep a clear mind on consistency and zone in on the fact you’re doing this to become a healthier and happier you. In comparison to your physical changes taking time, your mental health will improve very quickly. Your mood will boost and your overall patience with others will grow. Do not get downhearted by accomplishments you set that are yet to be achieved and how far you still have to go on your fitness journey. The physical reward takes time and when that time arrives, you will look amazing!

Focus on you

Stop caring about what other people may think of you when you’re working out. The truth is, nobody cares. Everyone is on their own fitness journey and focussing on their own goal. Everyone looks out of breath and sweaty when they exercise. Everyone looks a bit silly. However, if you do still feel paranoid when you exercise, try visiting the gym at quieter times, or better yet, train in your home with me!

Look good to feel good

Never doubt the power of a new chic gym outfit! A hot pair of gym leggings or stylish sports bra and trainers can do wonders for self-motivation and add a little ‘perk me up’ as there will be days when you need that little boost. GymShark and Latched being 2 of my fave gym workout wear brands! (use discount code ‘MotherFit for 10% off Latched). However, it’s important to remember that spending money on new gear and using it as an excuse to having to exercise should not be the driving force behind your training.


I’ve always loved the feeling of pushing myself and getting the buzz after a workout. It was after this that I started to learn how to truly fall in love with exercise. When you start to see results there is nothing quite like it. I’m currently only doing my online home workouts and I’ve never felt so strong and fit.

Having a positive mindset towards exercise is the answer when it comes to achieving success. You should wake up with joy at the excitement of looking forward to an activity that lays the foundation of forming a healthy long term habit. Remind yourself of the positive impact exercise has on not only your body, but your mind. Enjoy the process of being the best you can. You have one life, live it to the fullest!

Love Michelle x