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Restore Your Core: Postpartum Exercise

To restore your core postpartum, we must reawaken your body, gently. Discover the Mother Fit 9-week program to guide you SAFELY.

Michelle Baynham

17 Nov 2021

Restore Your Core – A SAFE Return To Exercise

In my experience as a personal trainer and a mother of 2, both being 18 months apart, believe me when I say that endless reps of abdominal crunches and kegel exercises are not needed to restore your core. Before we move into intense exercise, we must first focus on reawakening our body after the changes from pregnancy and childbirth.

Your core is the foundation of your body, and as the saying goes “you shouldn’t build a house on a weak foundation“. When looking to restore your core, we focus on the diaphragm, abdomen, lower back and the all-important pelvic floor.

As postpartum mums, we may experience the occasional accidental leakage when we cough, sneeze or run. This can be an embarrassing accident when out in public, especially when running for the bus! It’s common for us not to raise our hand when we experience these intimate issues and accept that it’s the norm, however, this should not be the case.

The Rebuild Your Core Program

The Fit 9-week Rebuild Your Core Program allows you to recover gently when you feel ready, awakening the body again. As the weeks progress, we’ll work on restoring some strength and cardiovascular fitness and then finally progress to more intensity. 

Once you’ve had your 6-8 week postpartum check-up to ensure you are safe to begin exercise and restore you core, you can work through the 4 stages.

A Step By Step Guide To Restore Your Core

The Mother Fit Rebuild Your Core program allows you to recover after childbirth, focussing on your Mind, Body & Soul.

The priority is your overall well-being as a mother, not just your physical appearance. Featuring progressive home workouts, nutritional and professional expert advice from a midwife and doula. You’ll have access to hundreds of wonderful recipes to nourish you through your recovery.

How To Restore Your Core Postpartum? 

We must first prioritise our pelvic floor strength before moving forward into any intense abdominal work. You can start performing your pelvic floor exercises whenever you feel comfortable to do so post-childbirth.
You may not feel up to it right now or it’s the last thing on your mind, but the overall benefits will help you so much in day to day life.

It’s perfectly safe to start exercising your pelvic floor as soon as you can. You use the muscles every time you cough and sneeze so there’s no harm in you starting a solid exercise plan to strengthen the muscle, if you feel comfortable doing so.