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The 5 BEST Stomach Flattening Exercises: FREE Home Workout Routine

I have outlined the 5 best stomach flattening exercises to help you achieve toned abs and lower your total body fat percentage

Michelle Baynham

26 Aug 2022
With discipline, dedication, a healthy diet and an overall focus on reducing body fat, a flat stomach can be achieved. 

You may be reading through endless exercise/workout plans/routines that leave you feeling unsure and confused on how to perform them SAFELY, while working them into an achievable routine that leaves you feeling fit enough to perform on a weekly basis. If so, not to fear! I've got you covered. 

Read on to discover 5 of the best stomach flattening exercises that you can perform from the comfort of your home, or pretty much anywhere!  

SIDENOTE: Challenge yourself by doing this workout 3x a week, which you progressively make harder overtime by increasing reps/sets etc.


This exercise is perfect for both beginners and advanced trainers who wish to build a strong core.

  • Lie on your back with knees over hips, band around the arches of your feet
  • Place hands flat on the floor, palms facing down or clenched, slightly separate your knees
  • Extend out your left leg and bring the right knee towards your chest
  • Switch sides on each rep


You'll really feel this one in both your core and legs. You can bring your legs towards you or extend them out to add intensity.

  • Lie on your back with band around the arches of your feet
  • Keep pelvis up and engage pelvic floor
  • lengthen legs, pull the resistance band apart with your feet
  • Switch sides on each rep

3.Plank - Lateral Legs

My go-to exercise for strengthening the abs while firing up multiple muscle groups. 

  • Get into a plank position with the resistance band around your ankles
  • Brace core and bring one leg out to your side, return and perform the rep on the opposite leg
  • Make sure your back and bum are all aligned

4.Plank - Lateral Lifts

Similar to above but with a slight twist. 

  • In the same plank position
  • Exhale and raise 1 leg up towards the sky and return to floor
  • Lead with the heel of your foot, keep core braced throughout movement


A staple of any ab/stomach flattening exercise routine, but with a slight adjustment.

  • Sit on your bottom, with your torso laying flat on your back, knees up 
  • Wrap the band around your thighs. 
  • As you rise for a sit-up, open the abductors out of your legs
  • Return back to the ground for a completed rep
  • Tension should be placed on the band throughout the exercise, even on the way down from the sit-up position
Work these stomach flattening exercises into a full workout routine by performing each one back to back. 30 seconds work on each exercise, with 10 seconds rest between exercises. Then perform 1 full circuit over 3 total rounds. For example: 

BICYCLES - (30 seconds work)
(rest for 10 seconds)
OPENERS - (30 seconds work)
(rest for 10 seconds)
PLANK - LATERAL LEGS - (30 seconds work)
(rest for 10 seconds)
PLANK - LATERAL LIFTS - (30 seconds work)
(rest for 10 seconds)
FULL SIT-UP & OPENERS - (30 seconds work)
(rest for 10 seconds)

Then repeat for 2 more rounds. 

What else is needed to achieve a flat stomach?

To achieve a flat stomach with toned, visible abs, you'll need to follow a diet that is protein focussed and low in fats. Nothing too crazy, just be conscious that no matter how many reps you do of the above workout, it simply won't be enough unless performed alongside a well balanced diet. 

You will also need to tone up your overall physique by working multiple muscle groups while lowering your total body fat percentage. There are numerous ways this can be done by making small, easy adjustments within your daily routine.

Below I have outlined some of the best methods you can structure into your daily lifestyle to help flatten out your belly. You don't have to do all of these if you don't feel it's achievable. Just pick the ones you realistically feel can be worked into everyday life.

10k a day - Do your absolute best to hit 10,000 steps a day. Walking is such a fantastic tool that is overlooked when it comes to fitness and exercise. Not only will it help towards dropping your body fat, it does wonders for so many other aspects of your life. Reducing stress, improving sleep and providing an overall better quality of life, to name a few.

Diet - I touched on it above, but a healthy diet it's so important when wanting to achieve a flat stomach. You've probably heard it a 1000 times before, but a nutrition-full diet is key to a healthy physique. Eat lots of fibre, protein, green veggies and healthy fats. Really try to reduce the intake of salty, highly processed foods full of sugar and saturated fats.

Stay hydrated - Drink water, lots of it, and when you think you've had enough, DRINK MORE! Just kidding, but so many people attempt to drink lots of water, but it's much less than what they think is "alot". A tip of mine is get yourself a 1 litre water bottle and keep it with you no matter where you go. You'll be surprised how much more water you drink simply by having it on you. Opposed to grabbing a glass from the kitchen, filling it up, having a sip then leaving it on the side. Also, it does wonders for your skin! Now what woman doesn't want that! 

Beauty sleep - Sleep is where our body recovers from exercise and repairs damaged muscle tissue. So get a solid 7-8 hours of quality sleep to allow your body to rest and grow muscle. Plus, you'll have more motivation and overall energy that you can focus towards exercise.

Stomach Flattening Exercise Guided Workout
Follow the below 10 minute INTENSE ab toning workout to achieve a flat stomach. Do this ab workout at home or pretty much anywhere. Follow along with me and let's do this together!